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Motor Pool


Brigham Young University–Hawaii ("BYU–Hawaii" or "university") has adopted a consolidated motor pool vehicle program. This policy helps ensure complete utilization of university vehicles, including proper maintenance and the most advantageous trade-in capability.


The Motor Pool will maintain a fleet of vehicles that may be rented on a short-term basis for departments needing a vehicle other than a daily basis. For departments needing vehicles on a daily basis, vehicles may be leased on a long-term basis. In both cases, an appropriate charge will be made to the using department to cover the cost of purchasing and maintaining the vehicle and the administration of the program.

3. Implementations

3.1 Definitions

3.1.1 Rental Fleet

Those rented to departments on a daily or other short-term basis.

3.1.2 Leased Vehicles

Those vehicles rented to leased to departments on a long-term basis.

3.1.3 Business Use

Use of a vehicle for a bonafide business to accomplish the stated mission of the university.

3.2 Responsibility

All university-owned vehicles are the responsibility of the Facilities Management Motor Pool.

3.3 University-Owned Vehicles for University Business

University vehicles are to be used for university-related business only. university-owned vehicles cannot be rented or borrowed for personal use.

3.4 Qualifications of Drivers

Anyone who drives a university-owned vehicle (whether from the rental fleet or department-assigned) must meet the requirements as indicated in the Motor Pool procedures.



Policy Owner: Facilities Management Director

Executive Sponsor: Operations Vice President

Approved by President’s Council: 11/11/2011

Modified: 2/20/2020

Full revision history maintained by the Office of Compliance & Ethics.