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Structure of Policy

Each policy follows a template that should be used for all university policies. Please, follow the format below when drafting or modifying any policies.


In the purpose section, clearly state why the policy is needed. This can also relate to any laws, regulations, or any university departments. If there is a mission statement or values that the university has, then that can be used for this section. Most policies will include the university name. Ensure to follow the correct format of the university name, followed by (“BYU–Hawaii” or “university”).


Here is where you write a statement of what the policy is. In this statement, the policy should state who it affects, major conditions, restrictions when it applies, and how it should be executed.

Write in plain language and remember to keep it simple.

All policies should be understood clearly and easily by the entire university. Remember to double-check the accuracy of current laws, requirements for federal and state laws, and regulations.


This section should help communicate to the reader what they need to know about the steps and instructions on completing the policy.

These procedures on department websites should build upon the implementation section and provide more details and robust instructions. Procedures should follow the same guidelines as other policies.

3.1 Definitions

Some policies will require to have definitions for words that are used in the policy. If you know that definitions are required when writing a policy, then ensure that it is clearly defined and its objectives are clearly stated.


All related policies will be linked here. This section will also include procedures that are on other department websites. University policies mentioned on department websites should linked to the policy website rather than duplicated.


All university policies will include the following information:
    · Policy Owner

    · Executive Sponsor

    · Approved by President’s Council

    · Modified

    · Last Review

    · Next Review

    A statement will also be included: “Full revision history maintained by the Office of Compliance & Ethics."