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Guidance for Writing Policy

Following are guidelines for revising or drafting a university policy.

Use the University Policy Template

Please use the University Policy Template when drafting or revising a policy.

  • All policies should be drafted in 12 pt. Times New Roman font. For the headings, follow the format on the University Policy Template.

Follow the University Writing Style Guide

For any and all University writing, please refer to the Style Guide created by University Communications.

  • Use consistent terminology through the policy (e.g., do not use “institution” and “university” interchangeably).
  • Use Brigham Young University–Hawaii on first reference and BYU–Hawaii or University on a second reference. Do not use BYU–H, or BYUH.

Policy Writing Guidelines

  • Keep it short and simple. People will be better able to understand policies when they are not too lengthy.
  • Policies need to be broad enough to address a variety of circumstances, with additional guidance for specific, expected scenarios.
  • Clearly identify the responsibilities of the people involved in enforcing the policy. In order to be effective, a policy needs to be clearly outlined and enforced.
  • Please double check the accuracy of legal citations and requirements for federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Remember that you are writing these policies for the entire university. Please ensure that all people will be able to understand the language of the policy, not just the experts.


  • Avoid complex tables, graphics, and images as they can cause accessibility issues.
  • If attachments are going to be included in the policy, they also need to be fully accessible.