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Policy Updates

Recent updates to official BYUH policies.

Periodically, various university policies are updated to reflect current laws and practices. The following table provides a summary of such changes over the last six months. For additional help or to identify archived policies please contact Mark Fitzgerald at (808) 675-3368 or email

Date of Change Policy TitleNature of Change
2/7/2024Volunteer PolicyThe volunteer policy is a new policy that has been established to provide guidelines for all volunteer services at BYU–Hawaii. Volunteer requirements, agreements have also been included in this policy. Any questions in regards to volunteer services can be found in this policy.
1/29/2024Conflict of InterestThe Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Time Commitment policy has now been renamed as Conflict of Interest policy. There are clarifications to process.
1/22/2024Investment ManagementThe Investment Management policy has been established to document the investment committee and ensure that financial resources are properly managed.
12/12/2023Relocation AssistanceUpdates have been made on the amounts of relocation. Full details on these updates can be found in section 3.2.4 of the policy.
08/23/2023Student Travel The need for a field trip form has been removed.
08/14/2023University Archives Updates to the University Archives have been made. Instead of records being sent to Enterprise Information Systems. It will be sent to University Archives.
08/30/2023Honor Code, Dress and GroomingThe CES Honor Code and the Dress and Grooming has replaced old BYU–Hawaii versions. Several other policies have been modified to reference the new CES Honor Code and standards.