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Media Contact


The purpose of this policy is to define BYU–Hawaii’s ("university") procedures for dealing with the media and media coverage.


University Communications is responsible for interacting with the media on issues affecting the university. No other university unit should engage in media relations without the prior approval and direction of University Communications.

Colleges, departments, and other campus administrative units must contact University Communications before distributing news releases or photographs, commenting on university policy, or providing statistical information to or initiating contact with the media, unless the media contact is limited to advertising special events, honors, or broadcast programming, as planned and financed by the individual department or unit.

All media relations positions approved by the university, whether full- or part-time, are hired by and report through University Communications. Current university employees cannot be reassigned by their administrative unit to media relations positions or responsibilities. Any exceptions to this policy must be granted by the President's Council.

Only University Communications or the President's spokesperson designate may speak for the university. Consistent with applicable university policy, including policy on political involvement and use of university identity, faculty members and other university personnel may speak with the media provided they adhere to university policy and do not hold themselves out as university spokespersons.



Use of University Identity
Political Involvement


Policy Owner: Advancement Vice President

Executive Sponsor: University President

Approval by President's Council: 01/23/2012

Modified: 01/13/2022

Full revision history maintained by Human Resources.