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IT Hardware and Software Purchasing

1. Purpose

This policy ensures that all IT hardware and software purchased with university funds is compatible with the BYU–Hawaii technology environment and is cost effective.

The policy is effective for all printers, and for any purchase of a computer, device, equipment, or software that costs more than $300 and/or connects to the BYUH network. It is intended to ensure:

  • All hardware and software will operate effectively in the university technology infrastructure.
  • The best pricing is received through consolidation of purchasing power.
  • There is proper review of licensing agreements for all software.
  • There are clear expectations for maintenance, licensing, and network connectivity.

Prospective purchasers are expected to work with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) prior to completing the Purchase Requisition (PR) or using Purchase Cards for selected hardware and software. Violations of the policy may include losing Purchasing Card privileges, not receiving support for equipment or software, or reimbursing university funds. The procedures outlined have been developed jointly by OIT, Purchasing, and the President’s Council.

2. Policy

3. Implementation

4. Related Policies and Procedures


Policy Owner: University Technology Officer

Executive Sponsor: Administrative Vice President

Approved by President’s Council: 08/20/2012

Modified: 02/20/2020

Full revision history maintained by Human Resources.