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Credit Hours and Variations to Obtaining Credit


Undergraduate courses at Brigham Young University–Hawaii ("BYU–Hawaii" or "university") shall meet for the required number of hours and shall offer opportunities to prepare, engage, and improve for the duration of the course, as stated in the General Catalog.


A unit credit hour reasonably approximates not less than one hour of lecture with two hours of preparation outside of class time per week throughout one semester of 14 weeks. Two contact hours of activity (e.g., in Exercise Sciences) or three contact hours of laboratory (e.g., in Bio Chem) shall be considered equivalent to one credit hour of lecture. The university has determined that fifty minutes of lecture or classroom instruction reasonably approximates one hour of lecture or classroom instruction.


3.1 Course Schedule and Hours

A course offered in a term of fewer than 14 weeks shall contain the same contact hours, preparation time, content, and requirements as the same course offered over a 14-week semester.

3.2 Approvals

The approval of the department chair and the college dean shall be required to schedule all short-term courses.

3.3 Course Expectations

Regardless of how they are offered, classes should be consistent in terms of purpose, scope, quality, assessment and expected learning outcomes with other classes bearing the same department code, number, and course title.

3.4 Hybrid Classes

A hybrid class shall be defined as any class in which 25% to 50% of scheduled class sessions are conducted by means in which student and instructor are not in the same physical location. Classes that exceed the 50% limit shall be considered online classes.



Policy Owner: Academic Vice President

Executive Sponsor: Academic Vice President

Approved by President’s Council:

Modified: 6/23/2022

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