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Correspondence With General Authorities, Other Church Leaders, Members or Employees


To avoid conflicts and misunderstandings, the Board of Trustees has requested that all correspondence and contacts with members of the Board of Trustees or other General Authorities relating to Brigham Young University–Hawaii (“BYU–Hawaii” or “university”) and student body matters be conducted by the president of BYU–Hawaii or routed through him or some other university official he has designated to handle some types of university business with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ("Church") agencies and authorities.


Criticism and complaints about the university and its programs which are sent directly to a General Authority are ordinarily returned to the President for resolution or clarification. Embarrassment of all parties can be avoided by appropriately routing matters through university channels for solution at the lowest possible levels. This does not apply to university personnel conducting their stewardships as Church officers.


All correspondence and coordination with the four Area Presidencies (Asia, Asia North, Philippines and Pacific) within the university’s primary target area should go through The President’s Office. This includes coordination of travel plans involving university employees who are on university business.

Normally correspondence and coordination with Stake Presidents, both on and off campus, would also go through the President’s Office. Coordination with a Bishop or group of Bishops frequently would be delegated by The President’s Office to an appropriate Vice President.



Policy Owner: University President

Executive Sponsor: University President

Original Approval by President's Council 09/01/2000
Updated by President's Council 02/17/2012
Updated by President’s Council: 03/07/2014

Modified: ---

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