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In order to protect all Brigham Young University–Hawaii ("BYU–Hawaii" or "university") personnel, weapons are prohibited on university property. However, vocational tools required for the maintenance of the BYU–Hawaii campus are permitted after proper training.


All federal, state, county, and municipal laws concerning the carrying and possession of firearms are in effect and shall be enforced on the BYU–Hawaii campus.

The storing, possessing, carrying (openly or concealed), or brandishing of a firearm, ammunition, or explosive material on university property shall not be permitted.

Violation of this policy may result in removal, prosecution, suspension, termination, and/or expulsion from the university.

Faculty and staff living in university housing are discouraged from having weapons. For those that have them, they should be kept in locked and secured places. Ammunition should be kept in a separate secured location. The same applies to bows and arrows. Keep them separate and secure.

If anyone witnesses a violation of this policy, he or she should contact Campus Safety and Security immediately at (808) 675-3911.


3.1 Definitions

3.1.1 Firearm

Including but not limited to rifles, pistols, pellet guns, paintball guns, or BB guns.

3.1.2 University personnel

Faculty, staff, and students

3.1.3 Vocational tools

Including but not limited to knives, box cutters, scissors, machetes, and other tools

3.1.4 Weapon

Any object, device, or instrument capable of threatening or producing bodily harm or which may be used to inflict self-injury, including but not limited to firearms, nunchucks, knives, blades, clubs, metal knuckles, throwing stars, arrows, explosives, fireworks, stun guns, poisons, and objects that have been modified to serve as weapons.


  • Criminal Activity Policy


Policy Owner: Campus Safety & Security Director

Executive Sponsor: Operations Vice President

Approved by President’s Council: 01/21/2014

Modified: 8/7/2018

Full revision history maintained by the Office of Compliance & Ethics.