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Scheduling and Use of University Facilities


This policy established the process for scheduling Brigham Young University–Hawaii ("BYU–Hawaii" or "university") space and facilities.


a. All university and non-university scheduling requests for the use of university space and facilities will be administered through Event Services and Outreach through the Scheduling Coordinator.
b. The Calendaring Board coordinates and approves calendaring dates and scheduling of university facilities for all activities and events according to established policy. The Board also assists in prioritizing facility and equipment needs for all requests. No event or scheduling request will be posted on the university calendar for public viewing until cleared and approved by the Calendaring Board.
c. University space and facilities shall be approved for use on a priority basis for use as follows:

1. All academic users will receive first priority and will be preferred over all other uses.

2. Second will be used for approved university activities or events, and those sponsored by the university.

3. Third will be used by Wards and Stakes that serve the university student body. Most space on the university campus is subject to shared use by BYU–Hawaii wards and stakes of the university’s sponsor, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which use is for religious purposes and will be coordinated accordingly.

4. Where appropriate, outside civic and community uses may be authorized if the proposed use is consistent with the uses articulated herein, so long as the requested use is reasonable related to some educational endeavor proposed by the university.

d. At all times and for all use of university facilities, the standards and values of the university and its sponsor, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, must be upheld including but not limited to those found in the CES Honor Code, and the Dress and Grooming Standards.
e. Wedding ceremonies may not be performed on campus. Wedding receptions can be scheduled through one of the affiliated wards/stakes that serve the BYU–Hawaii campus.
f. Purely personal or private business uses of university facilities unrelated to an approved civic or educational purpose will not be permitted.
g. Questions regarding this policy, use of university space, appeals from any denial of any use request, or challenge to the proposed fee schedules can be found on the Event Services and Outreach web page.


Educational Outreach – The branch of services that handles all scheduling for university and non-university events.




Policy Owner: Manager, Event Services and Outreach

Executive Sponsor: Assistant to the President, University Communications

Original Approval: 10/11/2012
Updated by President's Council: 10/5/2015

Last Modified: 08/30/2023

Last Reviewed: 08/30/2023

Next review: 04/13/2025

Full revision history maintained by Office of Compliance and Ethics.