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President's Council




1. Responsibility of the BYU–Hawaii President

The CES Board holds the President of BYU–Hawaii responsible for all matters pertaining to BYU–Hawaii.

2. Function of President’s Council

The President’s Council works with the President to develop BYU–Hawaii policies. Together with invited contributors, the President’s Council reviews and may recommend to the President all policy and program decisions and changes pertaining to BYU–Hawaii.

3. Membership of President’s Council

The President’s Council consists of the following members from the BYU–Hawaii Administration:

  • President
  • Academic Vice President
  • Administrative Vice President
  • Student Life Vice President
  • Operations Vice President.

4. During the absence of the President of BYU–Hawaii:

  1. The Academic Vice President will act in the stead of the President. In so acting, as well as in assisting the President with his general responsibilities, the Academic Vice President acts with the full authority of the President, and shall be accorded the same cooperation and support given the President.
  2. All matters which have been assigned to the Academic Vice President, the Administrative Vice President, and the Student Life Vice President, and the Operations Vice President shall be referred to those persons.


The President delegates responsibilities to various members of the President’s Council. Principal items for which members of the President’s Council are responsible are covered in this section.

1. The President

The President is accountable for the general welfare of the campus at large including academic programs, student life, university advancement, business operations, physical plant operations, and university community and international relations. It is the President’s charge to see that these areas are administered properly, have the highest quality at the most reasonable cost, and are the most conducive to learning in an environment consistent with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. The Academic Vice President

The Academic Vice President is accountable for the management and planning of the academic programs, in cooperation with the Deans/Associate Deans of the respective colleges.

3. The Administrative Vice President

The Administrative Vice President is accountable for the business matters, and general support areas of the university.

4. The Student Life Vice President

The Student Life Vice President oversees, coordinates, and provides direction and training to student life and student services at BYU–Hawaii.

5.The Operations Vice President

The Operations Vice President oversees, coordinates and provides direction for all new construction, renovations, repairs and maintenance of the university’s physical facilities, as well as the university’s sustainability efforts.




Policy Owner: University President

Executive Sponsor: University President

Approved by President’s Council: 03/07/2014

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