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Institutional & Survey Research

1. Purpose

The Institutional Research Office ("IR Office") coordinates all BYU–Hawaii ("university")-wide data and provides support for individual faculty and department research needs. The IR office, in cooperation with the university assessment director, coordinates the student evaluation of teachers, surveys of students and alumni, and other statistical assessments. General information about the university are available on the IR Office web page. In addition, the IR Office provides information about the university to students, faculty and administrators after institutional priorities are met. Faculty, students and staff members may administer on-campus surveys provided that they first submit to the IR Office for approval an exact copy of the questionnaire they propose to use. Faculty members desiring to conduct a survey inviting the campus community to participate must receive approval from both the IR Office and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to administering the survey. The same groups must approve off-campus surveys, which identify, in any way, the name or affiliation with BYUH. Surveys that are administered as a part of classroom assignments or student research projects (i.e. senior projects) must be approved by the IRB, where applicable. These surveys that are limited in scope and distribution (administered to a limited number of students known to the researcher)can be approved by the sponsoring faculty member.

2. Policy

The proper procedures for making changes to this policy are given in Table 1 of the Academic Governance Policy as follows:

Major Revision: Category H
Minor Revision: Category I
Elimination: Category I

3. Implementation

4. Related Policies and Procedures


Policy Owner: Academic Vice President

Executive Sponsor: Academic Vice President

Approved by President’s Council: 09/12/2011

Modified: —-

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