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COVID-19 Policy Adjustments for Immunized Individuals

As of May 20, 2021, the original four COVID-19 policies (including COVID Policy: Employee Benefits for COVID Related Absences, COVID Policy: Face Coverings (Mask), COVID Policy: Employees Return to Campus, and COVID Policy: Testing, Isolation, and Quarantine) are no longer in effect. They have been replaced with a new policy, COVID-19 Policy, which includes new policies regarding vaccinated individuals.


Individuals who have completed their vaccination for COVID-19 are at significantly lower risk for infection and symptoms and therefore pose a reduced safety risk relative to those who have not been immunized. This is reflected in recently updated CDC guidelines and a rapidly growing body of data from the vaccination of over 150 million people to date. BYU–Hawaii strongly encourages all employees and students to get vaccinated. There are free vaccination clinics at BYU–Hawaii being held weekly for all students (international and domestic), employees, and community members. To schedule your vaccine at the BYU–Hawaii/Hawaii DOH vaccination clinic, call: (808) 374-9515.

Policy Updates for Vaccinated Individuals

When the BYU–Hawaii Campus Safety office confirms your proof of vaccination*, students and employees will:

  • Be exempt from weekly testing requirements. 
  • Be exempt from contact tracing quarantine requirements. 
  • Be able to participate in approved university-sponsored travel. 
  • Have access to certain campus activities that can only be conducted safely when attendance is limited to fully vaccinated individuals. This may include dances, concerts, other activities. 
  • Have access to specific days and hours in fitness and recreation facilities without scheduling requirements (details to be announced soon).  

In addition, the University will monitor course registration lists and notify faculty when entire classes are vaccinated,  which may result in changes to distancing requirements in those courses. 

When the percentage of students and employees who are vaccinated exceeds 80%, President’s Council anticipates significant relaxation of COVID-19 related requirements as allowed by County, State, and Federal regulations.

*Email an image of your documentation of immunization along with your full name and student or employee identification number to to have your vaccination status confirmed.

Policy Updates for Non-Vaccinated Individuals

Those who have not been completely vaccinated and confirmed by the safety office will:  

  • Participate in mandatory weekly COVID-19 testing. 
  • Comply fully with baseline levels of campus COVID-19 policies. 
  • Not be eligible for university-sponsored travel. 

The university will seek to provide reasonable accommodations for those who are unable to be vaccinated due to a disability or a sincerely held religious practice or belief. For information on how to request an exemption, contact Laurie Abregano at

Policy Updates for Employee Absences Related to COVID-19

Beginning June 1, part-time employees and student employees who are not fully vaccinated and unable to work due to isolation or quarantine will not receive pay for work missed. These employees should plan ahead for any unforeseen quarantine needs by either choosing to get vaccinated or save funds in anticipation of the possibility of not being able to work for ten days if required to quarantine. See COVID-19 Policy section XII entitled “COVID-19 Employee Benefits Related to Absences” for more details.