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COVID POLICY: Employee Benefits for COVID Related Absences


This policy provides clarification about employee benefits for COVID-related absences.


Brigham Young University – Hawaii is committed to providing clarification to our employees regarding our benefits during the COVID pandemic.


The following clarification is provided relating to employee benefits:

  1. Employees who are ill and/or have COVID-19 should use sick leave benefit.
  2. Employees in self-isolation or quarantine (but are not ill) may work from home (where possible) or use vacation or sick leave.
  3. Employees caring for immediate family members who are ill should use their sick or vacation benefit.
  4. After January 1, 2021, employees caring for dependents who are not in school due to school closures should use their sick leave, vacation benefit, or request a leave of absence.
  5. Employees who are themselves immunocompromised or have a family member living in their home who is immunocompromised, should request an exception to work from home (where possible) from their appropriate Dean, Director, or Manager.
  6. Part-time employees and student employees required to isolate or quarantine who are unable to work remotely from home should first be given by their manager, the opportunity to do training or project work remotely. If that option is not available, they will be paid for the work they miss based on the number of hours worked in the prior pay period (to a maximum of their regularly scheduled hours). An employee who violates any guideline of isolation or quarantine will forfeit this pay replacement benefit and will be subject to University discipline.
  7. Employees with no sick or vacation benefit, who are required to quarantine as a result of elective choices they make (e.g., traveling outside of Hawaii) will not receive pay for work missed due to isolation or quarantine.

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Policy #:

Policy Owner: Director of Human Resources

Executive Sponsor: Administrative Vice President

Approval by President's Council: 11/16/2020

Modified: ---

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