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Campus Threat Assessment Committee


The Brigham Young University–Hawaii ("BYU–Hawaii" or "university") Threat Assessment Committee will evaluate situations in which individuals, faculty, staff, students and/or visitors may constitute a campus safety threat by demonstrating threatening conduct. By assessing and implementing ways to safeguard the campus community, this committee makes recommendations to university administration and/or law enforcement officials or others as it sees fit.


Threatening conduct – Includes but not limited to:

  • physical injury;
  • threats that create a reasonable fear of injury;
  • possessing or brandishing a weapon;
  • behavior that subjects another individual to undue emotional distress;
  • intentionally damaging property;
  • threatening to injure or damage property;
  • retaliation towards those who report such conduct to university officials;
  • physical actions, short of actual contact, such as aggressively moving closer to a person, waving arms or fists, yelling in an aggressive manner; etc,
  • threats made in a joking fashion;
  • stalking behavior;
  • hate speech or other derogatory speech;
  • repeated erratic behavior that causes other individuals to be apprehensive or fearful for their safety or the safety of others;
  • threatening or disturbing behavior or written, verbal or electronic communication in academic work;
  • threatening or disturbing behavior in written, verbal or electronic communication to professors, staff, and students.



Campus Safety & Security Policies
Disruptive Student Conduct Policy


Policy Owner: Student Life Vice President

Executive Sponsor: Student Life Vice President
Original Approval by President's Council: 11/02/2009
Updated by President's Council: 02/14/2012

Approved by President’s Council: 03/17/2014

Modified: ---

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